Honda digs into the sport side by side market
with the 1000cc Talon-X and Talon-R.


They are the sport side-by-sides you didn’t know you needed in your life. The best-built, best-engineered vehicles in their class. If there is one thing you should know about Honda is when they do something, it’s done right. The new Honda Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X are no exception to that as they race across both open rugged deserts or maneuver through the trickiest of forests with legendary Honda ability.

Life is better when you’re experiencing a new Honda Talon.



The high-speed shock-absorbing Talon 1000R

The highly anticipated Honda Talon has arrived in a pair. Both sharing the same Talon-specific high-output engine, quick-shifting Automatic DCT Transmission, exclusive I-4WD technology package, and all-new chassis. However, the difference is in the terrain they are up against. The Talon 1000R has a longer wheelbase, a wider vehicle track, and more suspension travel than the 1000X. It’s an ideal match for riders who want to rip through rough, high-speed terrain with a big grin on their face.




The precise and maneuverable Talon 1000X

Nobody knows where you ride better than yourself, luckily for you, the Honda Talon is available in two models to fit your specific needs. The Talon 1000X still shares the Talon-specific high-output engine, quick-shifting Automatic DCT Transmission, exclusive I-4WD technology package, and all-new chassis. The 1000X is 64 inches wide and has an 87.6-inch wheelbase. It also uses a three-link rear suspension, which makes it a must-have for owners who really need solid maneuverability and quick handling. Check out both models and decide for yourself. There is no wrong choice when choosing the Honda Talon.




One thing you can be sure of is the power behind the Talon 1000R. The Talon 1000Rs 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin gives you the needed powerful torque and immediate horsepower you’d expect from a Honda engine. The Talon 1000R doesn’t skimp out on the other end either, it remains equally responsive in lower revs and in the critical midrange. Set longitudinally in the chassis and managed by Honda’s fine-tuned PGM-FI engine-mapping system, it would be tough to match the level of refinement Honda has delivered.





The Talon 1000R’s 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin comes equipped with the Unicam cylinder head design, already proven in Hondas championship-winning motocross bikes. This allows the engine to be far more compact, letting the position provide optimal weight distribution and ground clearance.




The Talon 1000R’s valve train has been refined with the addition of the roller-tip rock arms which help reduce friction in the engine. Additionally, they drastically increase rev speed as well as contribute to more efficient engine operation and power. These are not something you’d notice by looking, but you will feel the difference with every ride.






The Talon 1000R’s newly refined chassis is the backbone of its exceptional handling and stability. They have added a long-travel independent front and rear suspension with an increased ground clearance to further accentuate that handling. On top of all that they have implemented FOX podium 2.5 shocks with QS-3 quick adjusters to each corner of the 1000R. It’s safe to say when it comes to the form of this machine, they have thought of everything.





The 4+ link rear suspension is one of the key factors to the 1000R ‘s superior handling.
Maintaining control of wheel geometry is difficult with the increase in travel. Despite that difficulty the Talon 1000R’s suspension only allows 0.3 degrees of wheel variation throughout the whole stroke to give you better chassis stability under the extreme suspension deflection.





With a high-performance engine comes high-performance brakes. The Talon 1000R’s are taken to an entirely new level from the power, chassis, and suspension. The Talon 1000R has 250mm discs on the front and rear, with 34mm twin-piston calipers in front and 34mm single-piston calipers in the rear. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) keeps the front and rear braking power-optimized under extreme chassis conditions in two-wheel drive.




With the convenience of an automatic with the strength, control, and efficiency of a manual, Hondas DCT lets you drive the way you want. Choose between manual mode or fully automatic. Plus, the addition of Sport Mode increases the fun, shifting at higher RPMs for a spirited, full-performance driving experience. DCT puts you in control as to what engine speed you want, and what gear ratio. Or you can let it do all the thinking for you. In addition, you also get genuine compression braking and more efficient power delivery than a belt-driven CVT.






Engine Type: 999cc liquid-cooled Unicam® OHC longitudinally-mounted parallel-twin four-stroke; four valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke: 92.0mm x 75.15mm
Compression Ratio: 10.0:1
Induction: Fuel injection, 46mm throttle bodies
Ignition: Full Transistorized
Starter: Electric
Driveline: Direct front and rear driveshafts
Transmission: Six-speed automatic DCT + reverse and high/low sub-transmission
Clutch: 2-Multiplate Wet
1000R Front Suspension: Double wishbone; 17.7 in. travel, Fox Podium 2.5 with Quick Switch 3
1000R Rear Suspension: 4+ Link trailing arm; 20.1 in. travel, Fox Podium 2.5 with Quick Switch 3
1000X Front Suspension: Double wishbone; 14.6 in. travel, Fox Podium 2.0 with Quick Switch 3
1000X Rear Suspension:3 Link trailing arm; 15.1 in. travel, Fox Podium 2.0 with Quick Switch 3
Front Brakes: Hydraulic w/ two 250mm discs; Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) system
Rear Brakes: Hydraulic w/ two 250mm discs; Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) system
Front Tires: 28x9x15
Rear Tires:  28x11x15
Length: 123.9 in.
1000R Width: 68.4 in.
1000X Width: 64.0 in.
1000R Height: 75.6 in.
1000X Height: 75.3 in.
1000R Seat Height: 28.3 in.
1000X Seat Height: 28.0 in.
1000R Ground Clearance: 13.0 in.
1000X Ground Clearance: 12.7 in.
1000R Wheelbase: 92.7 in.
1000X Wheelbase: 87.6 in.
1000R Turning Radius: 21.3 ft.
1000X Turning Radius: 17.7 ft.
Fuel Capacity: 7.3 gals., including 1.1 gals. reserve
Cargo Bed Capacity: 299 lbs.
1000R Curb Weight*: 1,545 lbs. (1,548 lbs. CA)
1000X Curb Weight*: 1,490 lbs. (1,492 lbs. CA)
1000R Colors: Pearl Red; Pearl Green
1000R Colors: Pearl Red/Metallic Grey; Metallic Grey/Metallic Blue