Welcome to the VIB Rewards Program!

Our points program is our way of thanking our customers for choosing Dillon Brothers as their motorsports headquarters. This program is offered to all customers at no cost and is subject to the program terms and conditions.

How It Works

VIB Rewards

Earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent on parts, general merchandise, Motorclothes®, and service work at Dillon Brothers Harley-Davidson, Dillon Brothers MotorSports, or Dillon Brothers Indian Motorcycle. Your first Rewards Certificate unlocks at 100 points. You can opt to collect points throughout the program duration. When you choose to redeem a Rewards Certificate, your points automatically deduct from your total. (Refer to terms and conditions for excluded items).

Motorcycle purchases also count toward the Reward Program. Get 500 points for every new or used vehicle bought at Dillon Brothers.

The VIB Rewards Program resets on March 1st each year. Make sure to redeem all reward certificates before March 1st, as all point values reset to “0”, and point accumulation starts anew.

Bonus Points

Customers can earn bonus points through special promotions, such as attending designated events and presenting your Rewards Card. Dillon Brothers may offer bonus point shopping days at its discretion. Additionally, bonus points may be available for specific item or category purchases. All bonus point promotions will be communicated through electronic media channels (email, text club, website).

VIB Rewards Value

Dillon Brothers HOG Members and Active Military

American flag and soldier soluteExisting members of our HOG Chapter and Active Military receive a 1.5-point multiplier. They earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent ($100 spent = 150 points). This multiplier is not applicable on promotion days offering a higher reward rate (Double Rewards). Vehicle purchases are also excluded from the multiplier.

How To Track Your Points

Accumulate points through purchases and special promotions, with purchases posting within 24-48 hours and special promotions within 48-72 hours. You can also gather bonus points by attending select events throughout the year. Track your points by logging into your VIB Rewards portal on our website.

How To Use Your Points

Harley Davidon Shopper

Redeem your points by printing a reward certificate from your VIB Rewards portal, accessible through our website. Your membership number and access code are located on the back of your card under the barcode (membership is at the top in the format SDXXXX). Points become available for use on your next purchase once a rewards level is reached.